Our Vendors

Our market hall is a fabulous place for casual lunches, after-work drinks or family and friends dining. We take table bookings for between 6-30 people, order a la carte from the resident food vendors and buy your drinks at the bar.

With a wide variety of wines, cocktails, on-tap beers and non-alcoholic mocktails and juices, there’s something for everyone. Kitchens are open from 12pm-2pm, and again at 5pm-9pm.

Super BAO


Modern Asian cuisine, all delicately placed atop fluffy white bao buns.

Superbao delights the senses by delivering complex flavours inspired by Chinese and Korean dishes from their travels around the world.

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Seoul Chicken

Seoul Chicken is a specialised korean style fried chicken restaurant.

The faces behind Canberra’s first ‘croffle’ bring you Korea’s favourite soul food, Korean fried chicken.

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Rasa Rosa

The island of Lombok, Indonesia is known for its spicy and fragrant cuisine, and Rasa Rosa has travelled from across the Indian Ocean to bring aroma and spice to Verity Lane Market.

Handmade spice pastes and sambals marry with fresh vegetables, tempeh, and meats to tantilise the senses and satisfy your cravings from your recent Balinese holiday!

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Pizza Artigiana Logo

Pizza Artigiana

Born from a love affair with pizza in the heart of Italy, Pizza Artigiana is our longest-standing vendor!

Traditional flavours like buffalo mozzarella, thinly sliced nduja and freshly picked herbs top these stone-fired pizzas that truly warm your belly and your soul. 

Click here to view the menu online.

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Lim Peh’s Wonton Noodles

Serving unapologetically authentic and affordable Singaporean noodle dishes.

An Asian-owned and operated business, taking inspiration from Singapore’s Hawker markets.

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La Cocina Pura

Fuelled by the freedom to pursue his passion, Mario creates authentic dishes full of mouth-watering aromas and flavours.

La Cocina Pura leverages their rich South American heritage to deliver a delightful array of fresh and harmoniously balanced flavours to the market.

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Become a Vendor

If you are interested in becoming a vendor, please contact us. We would love to have a chat!
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